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Gamma Medical Research, Inc.

The future of medicine……… here today.

Phase II-IV studies for the development of tomorrow’s health care.

Access to quality medical care beyond the standard of care and without health insurance.

Free health care for those in need using the latest treatments only available to those participating in clinical trials.

The team of researchers at Gamma Medical Research is dedicated to conducting clinical trials for the development of new medications and devices to treat common diseases. We specialize in testing the safety and efficacy of drugs for diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney diseases, cardiovascular problems, anemia and testing of new vaccines. We also help physicians in different medical specialties conduct trials.

Medical research can be defined as personalized, ethical, innovative and compassionate health care using the latest ideas in medical therapy. To you, it means having your personal team of health care providers closely monitoring your disease.

Medical research is highly regulated, and therefore, it requires active participation of subjects and research staff. Meticulous documentation and close attention to every detail are crucial elements in clinical investigation. Subjects and staff become partners to treat disease and to advance medicine.

We pay special attention to educating subjects who freely consent to participate in trials. We accept volunteers after they fully understand the protocol in which they are about to participate and only after every one of their questions is answered. After some time, participants see us as friends and partners to fight disease.

Gamma Medical Research provides you with full access to physicians dedicated to the study. This allows effective communication between subjects and staff.

Gamma Medical Research is at the frontier of medical innovation. We develop treatment strategies of the future. Thank you for visiting our site. We welcome participants committed to research who enjoy having an active role in their care. We appreciate visits from sponsors looking for high quality sites with dedicated staff to conduct clinical trials. 

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